Would you look at that, I’m making good on my promise to blog everyday. Fascinating. Yes I could be doing the oodles of homework that I have or filling out college applications but honestly I’m too tired. 

If we look at an overview of my day we see that I woke up late and skipped my first period class, had only 3 mood swings compared to the five yesterday, and managed to get some stuff done while actually having fun. I live in a strict household so the whole work and play mixture doesn’t occur often. Being 17 1/2 I have some leeway as to doing what I want when I want because I’m expected to know exactly what to do precisely after my 3 month backpacking trip this summer. Anyways… sorry I tend to ramble. 

We started reading The Grapes Of Wrath in my English class and by read I really mean I’ll probably have to look up summaries because I don’t have time to actually read it with my other homework, not to worry though because I do plan on reading it in my future. I think it’s interesting how Steinbeck was accused of socialism and how it’s frowned upon in society, perhaps that’s why Bernie never got a chance and now we are stuck with a talking cheeto for a president (I’m into saying Clinton is any better). That’s probably my point of view because I’m a Santa Cruz local and if you have ever heard of the small surf town you know it’s very liberal. However I was raised in a conservitave family, you could say I’m different.

Enough about politics. I’m sick of it but oh so intrigued by it at the same time. Filling out college apps seems to be the highlight of my days, I mean this only sarcastically. It’s not. See I complain, I complain a lot. It’s my system for elevating stress, to vent. I used to vent to my ex boyfriend about everything like the fact that my hair just wasn’t how I liked it  that day or how the girl who I sit next to in my AP US History class gives me a look every time I don’t have the homework. Well now that I don’t have him, I might as well vent to the internet world, it only makes sense.

 The last blog got a whole two views, one being my best friend who now lives far away from me. So I figure, no harm in blowing off steam if little to no people will care to read. But I wonder about taht one other singular person, what was going on through their mind if anything while reading my blog. I guess we’ll never know. Here’s a picture, not from today, just a picture that I like and wish to share. And hey, I can’t be sad cause life is pretty rad. 


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