Baja day 6

Today was much like the rest of the days. Laid around, rode the ATV, ate lots of candy. There’s not much to report for this being basically our last day. I’ve learned a lot during this trip, mostly that my Spanish needs some work, but also to expect an hour wait at restaurants. 

In the US something called a kinder egg is illegal. A kinder egg is simply a chocolate egg with a toy inside. We got a ton of those along with the testing of lots of new candies. Some were awful, others were okay, and some were great. 

This trip was great because it was an opportunity to both explore other cultural customs but I also grew closer with my family. I’m considered the hippy kid of the family and I finally learned where I got it from. Today my aunt and cousin made me an essential oil bottle to take home. One is supposed to be uplifting and the other is supposed to help with respiration. 

This trip made me realize how much I need to downsize, specifically on my materialistic items. When I was younger I would always ask myself what three things I would take if there was a fire and I could never decide, I still can’t, but I know I can downsize. Callie and I rode down to a beach the other day and saw a camper van that was my dream van. She supported my crazy idea of living in a van completely. Either way I need to get rid of a ton of stuff before I move out this coming June. I have no idea what I’m doing but I do know time is running out to make a plan. 

Above all else, this trip gave me clarity. All this time I thought I needed endless relaxation and to spend a week doing nothing and so I did. After the first couple days I was sick of it. I was staring at my phone way too much and not doing anything, I wanted so badly to do something. I started to draw and write and coaxed Callie on going on more adventures. Perhaps I’m not as lazy as I thought. When put in an environment of complete relaxation I grew bored, I started looking for things to do like cleaning the dishes or looking through seashells. I feel like I have a clear picture of what I want/need todo. 7All that’s left is setting that plan in motion.

Baja day five 

Today was your average sleep around day. I was woken up by my cousins and pulled out of a very vivid dream so afterwards I couldn’t fall back asleep. We had a bonfire with the Christmas tree we didn’t use because it was pretty pathetic, and listened to the waves crash on the shore. I hope I’m getting tan in all honesty.

This trip is sadly drawing to an end but just the rest my mind needed. I feel that when I get home I will be rejuvenated and ready to take on life again. 

We got chased by a dog today and that was pretty scary but other than that we just went on rides on the ATV and explored the hundreds of roads. We will have to see how I spend my last day tomorrow. Adios! 

Baja Christmas Day 

I don’t really celebrate Christmas anymore. No it’s not because it’s a religious holiday and I’m not particularly religious, I just don’t really like it. Listening to the same fifty Christmas songs on the radio really puts me out of the mood. I also tend to get disappointed a lot during Christmas. For example, one year I asked for a kitten and I got a fake cat that would meow and purr. It really freaked me out. Lately I have been getting a ton of blankets for Christmas. 

Because I’m getting older and my perspective of the world is changing I feel torn between the yearning of wanting materialistic items and trying to become less materialistic. I have this idea that rent is too expensive in California so I should buy a van and convert it into a livable space which would mean considerable downsizing such as getting rid of the 50 blankets I don’t use. I have decided somewhat of a plan come the time where I have to fly out of the nest. I want to have a yard sale and see how far that gets me and then give the rest to goodwill. I don’t know where I will be living when I fly away, all I know is I’ve been ready to leave since I was nine. 

Today was not like most Christmas mornings I’ve had. I got things that I really didn’t need but when I opened my last gift I was kind of shock. The day precious to Christmas my aunt was looking through her andaras and I honestly just thought they were colored glass. She had them arranged and wanted to share them with her family. They weren’t paying attention so I decided to look over them with her. For those who don’t know what andara crystals are they are colored crystals that are beloved to have certain energy fields that can affect your energy fields. They are believed to hold a higher density in energy that can help your energy depending on the crystal. Very hippy, I know. The strange part was I knew how much these meant to my aunt and the fact that she gave me two of them meant a lot. She gave me one that gives of a high energy to uplift you and the other one is to ground you. I was really happy about this because I knew how much they meant to her. 

Christmas here was easy because I didn’t have to pretend to be religious like I do at home. Here I could hold my own beliefs and that was nice for a change. 

ATV adventures

My cousin Callie and I rode the ATV on a small adventure. We reached far into the foothill depths and found nothing but desert like conditions. I find that the terrain makes me a bit unsettled. The only thing that is green are the cactus and they look like they are trying to murder you. There are jumping cactus that will fling their stickers on to you if you get to close. The stickers I speak of aren’t your su to day, pick out of the cats fur stickers either. These are practically dagger that can puncture an inch of leather easily. The farther we tracked into the mountains the more I wanted to turn around. The opposite feeling occurred when we went to the sea. I felt more safe and comforted in seeing the cool blue water rather than the dry cactus waste lands.

I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy new year, whatever you celebrate, I hope your day was as filled with as much adventure as mine.  

Baja day three

Baja is a place where the wind hardly stops and everything is dusty. It’s a paradise laced with misery. I love it because I love its beauty and it’s brutal honesty but I could see why some might not like it so much.

Today I decided to brave the waters with my cousin, we will call her Callie. She is the middle child out of the three I have that I am staying with. She is like any other teenage girl, primarily focused on her image and I can see she is abit self   conscious, this worries me a bit because her older brother and dad really get on her about this so lately I have been preaching a lot of “fuck it, happiness first” even if it comes at the cost of not being model thin. Anyways, we braved the water today and we swam about two feet from the shore when Callie got stung by jellyfish. That was the end of that.

Callie and I have met before but have never been that close with her but this trip we have to share a bed. I woke up several times to her using my arm as a pillow or trying to nessle herself into my hair. She’s really sweet and just needs some reassurance in her life so I help the best I can. 

I have lately been asking questions about Baja to my aunt. For example, “why does every house look like a castle with a wall?” She told me that there are three reasons. One being because the wind, two because people like their privacy, three, security and tradition reasons. Thinking about it made me realize that all of these were complete valid reasons. Mexico is a place where rules are more or less disregarded. However my uncle who is a native here actually married my aunt who is what the locals would call a “gringa”. Because of this he gets pulled over by police, or the federales as you would call them in Mexico, a lot. When you get pulled over by a federale in Mexico you have one of two options: pay a bribe or give them your license. My uncle will tell them what they are doing is wrong in fact he shared this story with us:

One day my aunt and uncle were leaving Baja to visit California and as usual they got pulled over by a federale. The federale marked him for a law he did not break. And refused to pay the bribe so the federale asked for his drivers license to which he replied:

“No, your not going to give it back.”

“You broke the law.” 

“Which one?”


“I won’t pay you a bribe.” 

“Then I will call a tow truck.”

“Okay, I won’t be here when it arrives.” 

By this time the federale is so aggravated that he went back to his truck and my uncle began to drive away and the federale chased him. It didn’t last long because the federale gave up quite easily.

This story brought to light what corruption there can be in a federal institution. Some of my friends are Trump supporters and they argue that they support him because of his proposed immigration policy. Looking at what it takes to get a legal visa sounds near impossible and seeing what life is like here made me realize why so many people migrate to the U.S. illegally. They want out. 

This goes back to those walls. The walls define a strict line between the people and their government. Beyond the walls of ones house, no one knows what goes on, only the home owners. 

This new information intrigues me and I hope to absorb as much as I can during this short visit. Adios for now! 

Day dreaming

There is a place I dream of… everyday.

The sun is warm and the sound of the breeze and birds lifts my soul. The laughter of great company echos nearby while I doze in the shade. The lake glistens, its reflective surface resembling diamonds. The  rocky mountains rise from the lake and seem ever intimidating to one who has not yet climbed the ridges, but to me, they feel like home. The nearby stream tumbles away from a cool, refreshing spring where frogs and Minos play. Tiger lilies grow wild and capture the beauty of this alpine bliss. The trees sway with the gentle breeze while the various insects buzz about them. Stress seems to melt, just the feeling of a simplistic yet memorable day is left in your mind. Friends feel more like family, nature feels more like home. The days are long and lazy but yet every moment is cherished.

At night the campfire glows and people laugh and sing. No one is a stranger. An overwhelming feeling of happiness fills your heart when you look around and smell the air. In the distance the lake laps at the shore. The moon sheds a pale light over everything it touches, making everything look like a dream. When you finally rest your head at night you gaze up at the millions of stars and contemplate life. You wonder about the galaxies and other universes but you are brought back to reality when you hear the trees swoosh against a warm breeze. You don’t know much but you know you are forever peaceful in this place you call home. 

Baja day two 

Let me preface this with this: the blog I wrote last night was written last night but not uploaded until this morning. Boo hoo, it’s the same either way.

So today’s adventures included napping. I’m not kidding. I napped most of today away. It was relaxing and I think I deserved it so it’s okay. 

I’ve noticed something about Baja Mexico, it has a feeling to it. Tourists are not welcomed from what I have seen but not from the locals. This unwelcoming vibe comes from the land. 

This is about to get a bit hippy like with vibes and all…Just warning.

When we were on the hike yesterday I could not imagine a more haunting place in the world. I stood and looked over this small drop off and it was dead silent. There was no sound of bugs, not even a russle from a breeze in the dried and shriveled leaves. It was an errie silence that makes you wonder. We were throwing rocks and they would echo while nothing else made a single sound. 

I noticed the same thing at the beach. I love water and the ocean with all my heart. I love to swim. It came as a surprise when I got to the beach and felt wary of the crystal clear water. I haven’t gotten in because I just shy away and I’m not sure why. Some of the lakes I have gone backpacking to have felt this way too. My ex boyfriend and I had a conversation about this and how some places are in the midst of all this magic yet feel like black magic. Not sinister, just a feeling of warning. The whole place feels a bit off. 

Okay done with the whole vibes thing.

Besides all that Baja has been nice, windy but nice. I find it to be very leisurely and hope it stays that way. I miss my friends but for being my first travel experience, this one is shaping out quite perfectly. 

Can’t be sad, life is rad:)

Baja day one 

So I got of the plane yesterday in Cabo. Let me tell you, this is a party town. You get off the plane and go through the baggage claim and everything seems normal. As soon as you step out of the doors there’s bars directly infront of the airport, as in they are attached to the airport. They have this clubbing music going on, I’d say it’s clever marketing.

Anyways we got off the plane (we meaning my aunt, uncle, and three cousins) and get into a van and drive for a couple hours. Right off the bat you can tell your in a different country souly by architecture and terrain. I’ve never seen so many cacti in my life. We get to our final destination and it is my aunt who lives here in Baja, her business. She runs a business called Sea Sniper Baja and it’s basically a spear fishing place where you can go and shoot fish. You can check them out on their website or social media, it’s pretty cool. 

Back to the story: we get here and we go look at our rooms, our meaning the three eldest, is an open veranda of sorts with a palm frawn roof. We get settled and then go out to dinner. This is where I learned my first lesson about Mexico. Rules are practically non existent. The car only had room for the adults and the youngest cousin so the three of us went by quad or ATV. No helmets, overflow of passengers, and diving on street with a vehicle that isn’t street legal. That was my first lesson, my second is that resultant food service is about ten times slower than in the US. Finally, the last lesson I learned was that the food is amazing. 

So today we woke up and went on a quad ride and hiked around a bit and had fun and we are in the middle of learning how to kite surf. It’s all extremely exciting as well as extremely exhausting. That’s all I have to note today because I am simply too tired.