Let’s start off with the fact I haven’t blogged at all this weekend. Frankly I find the fact that I’m blogging weird and am slightly embarrassed to admit that I blog. Anyways, there is a reason I didn’t blog this weekend. Because I’m trying to figure out how this whole blog thing works in my life, the schedule is still in the making. This weekend was incredibly busy and I hadn’t been home much so I decided not to write. Nevertheless I will be blogging daily on week days but I feel that I should set the weekend as my time off from my phone. Also because I have hardly any viewers, I figured no one would care if I didn’t blog all weekend.

I guess, now that I think about it, I am blogging on the weekend because it’s Sunday… oh well. I was feeling inspired tonight. I had to write an art review on basically anything that I considered art and explain why I considered it art. Of course I wrote about camp and the trinities. 

My Insperation

As you get to know me through my blogs, you’ll find that I have a slight obsession with this place I consider practically home. I’m not kidding, I dream of camp and the Trinities. It’s somewhere that I find so special and magical. However, it’s not my only inspiration. I’m inspired by quite a few things. 

Starting back from when I was small, (smaller than I am now) I saw my best friend’s mom as an inspiration. Later on I saw my best friend as inspiring. My friend’s mom is someone you can call and she will pick up and have a conversation with you and bring you from the lowest of low and get you to laugh. I remember how much I wished she was my mom because she had a way of cheering me up and making me feel worthy of everything beautiful. I’ve become friends with lots of close friend’s parents but never like Mary. She’s so unique in her way to make you feel like you belong. I am eternally greatful for her strength and wisdom she has shared with me. 

Sally, Mary’s daughter, is equally as inspiring. Let’s start with how I met my best friend. My first day of kindergarten was traumatic and I was baffled by how my father could just leave me in a classroom full of other kids. I wasn’t social at all and wanted to go home. I didn’t let go of his leg until he pried me off. When he left me there and I was forced to socialize. I just stood there. A girl came up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Sophia, wanna be my best friend?” Naturally I responded.

“I’m Hannah, sure.”  Then we immediately, as if on que, walked separate ways and didn’t talk to each other again until second grade. This was the girl who found out they were building a housing complex on an Indian burial ground and protested at the age of ten. I found her truly inspiring when I found out she did chores around the house to earn money from her parents to give to charities to save various big cats and other endangered animals. Now we are both grown up and I’ve watched the sweetest girl I know get so sassy at someone who tried to convince her money was the best thing in the world. People have, I shit you not, compared her to Gandhi. She gets it from her parents and I love that family to death. 

Another thing that inspires me is my life long mentor, Mady. She is someone who is incredible in all ways. She is ferociously resilient as well as independent. She reminds me that as long as I stay true to myself then I will be fine. I don’t know what I would do without her. She is just as professional and organized as she is caring and warm. 

Inspiring souls are what push me to become a better person but still individually me. I think that this whole weekend really made me think about my inspirations and how I should stay grounded in my morals. I can’t be sad cause life truly is rad with all these great people. 


2 thoughts on “Inspirations

  1. Hey, don’t sweat the blogging stuff.
    Remember, it’s ‘your’ blog. Feel free to write whenever you want about whatever you want, your viewers won’t mind.
    And, from what I’m seeing, you have very good content.
    Mary sounds amazing and it’s brilliant that you have someone like that in your life. I know it’s not easy for most kids to be really close to their parents because parents have to draw the line between friendship and discipline, after all. So it’s brilliant that you have a parent figure you can be close to.
    Sally sounds awesome! Like wow. And really dedicated to causes. Very focused and ambitious. And I’m sure she’s a great friend as well.
    Mady seems like a great role model, as well.
    You’re lucky to have all these amazing people in your life.
    All the best.

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    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me! I honestly didn’t think anyone was viewing these posts enough to care. Also the people in my life are amazing in every way I am really lucky and appreciative to have them in my life:)

      Liked by 1 person

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