My notebook and today

I had no idea notebooks were such a thing. Okay that just sounds stupid. What I mean is that a lot of people I know keep notebooks full of random notes and doodles. I’ve always wanted to to that but I was worried I’d get judged or something then just got lazy. Anyways, I’ve started one and it fills me with immense happiness. It’s the little things that really get me. 

So far all my notebook has in it is a few doodles but I plan on writing notes and quotes and really whatever the hell I want because I can. I highly recommend keeping one just for fun. 

So I didn’t just want to talk about notebooks. We watched a movie in history today about World War Two and a man who was held as a prisoner of war and then the war ended and he was free and he found out a person who had allowed his torchere was still alive. Naturally he went back to kill him. He realized that the man on the other side of the whip was hurting just as much and he was trying to reconciliate the past and his wrong doings. Long story short, they became friends. It was based on a true story and it was fascinating. It made me think about my favorite show on Netflix right now called black mirrors. It’s really good. Both question the principles of humanity. It will forever fascinate me how humans interact and react. I mean I’m no different but it’s funny when you hear about something and you question what you would do in that situation. It’s this empathy we have of putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. It’s amazing we have such an ability. 

Okay I have to go on a quick rant about something that is much less philosophical. I have not really interacted with any other guy since me and my ex broke up. I just don’t find a need for it. I mean I have guy friends but I haven’t further advanced interactions to anything other than that. 

Warning: this is about to get real teen girl crush mushy, get out while you still can.

So there’s this guy. I hate to even admit it. He sits near me in Spanish and is always trying to get me to race him in my Honda, (my car’s name is Darla and I will refer to her as such) I always say no. I didn’t think much of it until he began to really try and talk to me. We will call him Ryan and his friends Max and Alex. This is what happened: 

Ryan: “I parked next to you today, Hannah”

Me: *silence*

Alex: “oh are you guys dating?”

Max: “are you going to ask her to winter formal? I’ll help you with a sign.”

Ryan: “hmm what should it say? ‘It’d be cool if you go to formal with this fool'”

Me: “no”

That’s how it’s been and I have tried my best to ignore him and the girl who gets jealous at my table gets very upset so I try to set them up. Sometimes it works. He sees me everyday at lunch and I try to avoid eye contact. It’s not like he’s bad looking or not interesting, I just haven’t found an interest in him…until now. He’s tried so hard and it got me thinking why he has. It’s such a stupid little thing in my mind but it’s there. I had to get it out. Hopefully that’s the last of that. 


2 thoughts on “My notebook and today

  1. I like ‘Black Mirror’ as well. One of my favorite episodes is called ‘The Waldo Moment’. Although it was written in 2013, it completely captures today’s merging of social media, politics and entertainment.
    If you’d like to hear an interview with the show’s creator and writer, check out this ‘Fresh Air’ podcast:


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