Monday sucks. There is no way I can put this other than they just suck. I am passionate about my hate for Mondays. Today was a prime example of an awful Monday. This morning was great, I got up early, ate breakfast (rare for me) and did my homework in the morning. For me that is a fricken miracle. I usually wake up 15 minutes before I have to leave my house. Anyways the day was off to a great start. I was being social and everything was fantastic. Even the girl who loves to really get under my skin didn’t bother me. Around lunch time is where things went from great to bad. Me and my friend Jelly were sitting in my car and all the sudden I got the hiccups. I had had them last night for no apparent reason as well so I didn’t think anything of it. Well let’s start with the fact that I got 4 hours of sleep last night. That’s probably where this spawned from.

Back to the story. I was sitting with jelly and all the sudden I had to throw up. It went away as fat as it came but it left me with a feeling that lasted a couple hours. When I went to Jelly’s I felt okay. I was tired but okay. We decided to go get food and afterwards I felt okay posh. Not great but fine. Well I was putting off dinner because of my stomach but I decided I should at least eat a little something. Now I am laying in bed listening to my stomach going crazy and feeling so nauseous. I wanted to throw up right after I ate dinner but I hate throwing up. It’s only happened a few times in my life where I have thrown up and they all sucked immensely. 

The first time I ever threw up

I was in preschool. I remember this day distinctly even though I was only 4. I remember me and my dad went down to the corner store and he said I could pick out a drink. I always picked out the nesquick strawberry milk but recently my aunt had been remarking on how picky I was. That’s when I decided to broaden my horizons and go for the Odwalla banana strawberry smoothie. I drank it and liked it, crazy for a picky four year old. The next morning my dad dropped me off at preschool. He had to drop me off pretty early because of his job so I was hardly awake. The ladies at my day care made sure I ate breakfast. Actually, come to think of it, ever since then I haven’t been a big fan of breakfast. Getting off track. So they fixed me a bowl of Cheerios with milk and I sat in front of my friend who we will call Johnny because I really can’t remember his name. I was half asleep and I took a big mouthful of cherrios. Johnny said hi to me and as I was about to say hello back but then I felt everything rushing back up stream. I gave him a horrified look before puking into my bowl of cereal. I remember the rest of that day consisted of me throwing up into milk jugs that had been cut in half. It turns out that my lovely Odwalla was expired by a month. I still can’t look at that drink the same. 

There have been countless other horrific times of me throwing up but no one wants to hear that. I try with all of my being to avoid throwing up. I lied. I have another story. 

It was my third year of camp with my best friend Ally. We were in a group with a counselor we nicknamed daddy long legs because he hiked so fast. We got to the divide which was basically an area where all the trails divided. Who would have guessed. Our plan was to eat dinner at the divide then hike the peak and sleep there so we could see the sunrise in the morning. If you’ve never been backpacking before then there is something you have to know about trail food. 90% of the time it’s not that good but you’re too hungry to care. That night we were having Mac and cheese. On trail it’s not traditional Kraft Mac n cheese though. No no no. This is a concoction of chunks of sweaty cheese, onion, and whatever spices sound good. We had a spice kit and our counselor who hiked brutally fast threw everything from the spice kit into the Mac n cheese. This included Rosemary, onion powder, chile powder. You name it, it was in there. It was one of the most vile things I have ever eaten. Best of all right after we ate we had to hike up a steep peak with heavy packs. By the time I got to the top I was contemplating all my life choices that led up to this moment. Everyone felt really sick, counselors included. They weren’t exempt from the meal either. None of us blew chunks but I know I sure wanted to. 

The first time I threw up was on a Monday, I didn’t mention that. It’s a cursed day for me. I will forever live with this dark cloud hanging over me on Mondays. It’s okay, I’ll survive. However that day of the week is always going to suck just as much as blowing chucks. Hope your Monday was less nauseating than mine.


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