Baja day one 

So I got of the plane yesterday in Cabo. Let me tell you, this is a party town. You get off the plane and go through the baggage claim and everything seems normal. As soon as you step out of the doors there’s bars directly infront of the airport, as in they are attached to the airport. They have this clubbing music going on, I’d say it’s clever marketing.

Anyways we got off the plane (we meaning my aunt, uncle, and three cousins) and get into a van and drive for a couple hours. Right off the bat you can tell your in a different country souly by architecture and terrain. I’ve never seen so many cacti in my life. We get to our final destination and it is my aunt who lives here in Baja, her business. She runs a business called Sea Sniper Baja and it’s basically a spear fishing place where you can go and shoot fish. You can check them out on their website or social media, it’s pretty cool. 

Back to the story: we get here and we go look at our rooms, our meaning the three eldest, is an open veranda of sorts with a palm frawn roof. We get settled and then go out to dinner. This is where I learned my first lesson about Mexico. Rules are practically non existent. The car only had room for the adults and the youngest cousin so the three of us went by quad or ATV. No helmets, overflow of passengers, and diving on street with a vehicle that isn’t street legal. That was my first lesson, my second is that resultant food service is about ten times slower than in the US. Finally, the last lesson I learned was that the food is amazing. 

So today we woke up and went on a quad ride and hiked around a bit and had fun and we are in the middle of learning how to kite surf. It’s all extremely exciting as well as extremely exhausting. That’s all I have to note today because I am simply too tired.


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