Baja day two 

Let me preface this with this: the blog I wrote last night was written last night but not uploaded until this morning. Boo hoo, it’s the same either way.

So today’s adventures included napping. I’m not kidding. I napped most of today away. It was relaxing and I think I deserved it so it’s okay. 

I’ve noticed something about Baja Mexico, it has a feeling to it. Tourists are not welcomed from what I have seen but not from the locals. This unwelcoming vibe comes from the land. 

This is about to get a bit hippy like with vibes and all…Just warning.

When we were on the hike yesterday I could not imagine a more haunting place in the world. I stood and looked over this small drop off and it was dead silent. There was no sound of bugs, not even a russle from a breeze in the dried and shriveled leaves. It was an errie silence that makes you wonder. We were throwing rocks and they would echo while nothing else made a single sound. 

I noticed the same thing at the beach. I love water and the ocean with all my heart. I love to swim. It came as a surprise when I got to the beach and felt wary of the crystal clear water. I haven’t gotten in because I just shy away and I’m not sure why. Some of the lakes I have gone backpacking to have felt this way too. My ex boyfriend and I had a conversation about this and how some places are in the midst of all this magic yet feel like black magic. Not sinister, just a feeling of warning. The whole place feels a bit off. 

Okay done with the whole vibes thing.

Besides all that Baja has been nice, windy but nice. I find it to be very leisurely and hope it stays that way. I miss my friends but for being my first travel experience, this one is shaping out quite perfectly. 

Can’t be sad, life is rad:)


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