Day dreaming

There is a place I dream of… everyday.

The sun is warm and the sound of the breeze and birds lifts my soul. The laughter of great company echos nearby while I doze in the shade. The lake glistens, its reflective surface resembling diamonds. The  rocky mountains rise from the lake and seem ever intimidating to one who has not yet climbed the ridges, but to me, they feel like home. The nearby stream tumbles away from a cool, refreshing spring where frogs and Minos play. Tiger lilies grow wild and capture the beauty of this alpine bliss. The trees sway with the gentle breeze while the various insects buzz about them. Stress seems to melt, just the feeling of a simplistic yet memorable day is left in your mind. Friends feel more like family, nature feels more like home. The days are long and lazy but yet every moment is cherished.

At night the campfire glows and people laugh and sing. No one is a stranger. An overwhelming feeling of happiness fills your heart when you look around and smell the air. In the distance the lake laps at the shore. The moon sheds a pale light over everything it touches, making everything look like a dream. When you finally rest your head at night you gaze up at the millions of stars and contemplate life. You wonder about the galaxies and other universes but you are brought back to reality when you hear the trees swoosh against a warm breeze. You don’t know much but you know you are forever peaceful in this place you call home. 


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