Baja day three

Baja is a place where the wind hardly stops and everything is dusty. It’s a paradise laced with misery. I love it because I love its beauty and it’s brutal honesty but I could see why some might not like it so much.

Today I decided to brave the waters with my cousin, we will call her Callie. She is the middle child out of the three I have that I am staying with. She is like any other teenage girl, primarily focused on her image and I can see she is abit self   conscious, this worries me a bit because her older brother and dad really get on her about this so lately I have been preaching a lot of “fuck it, happiness first” even if it comes at the cost of not being model thin. Anyways, we braved the water today and we swam about two feet from the shore when Callie got stung by jellyfish. That was the end of that.

Callie and I have met before but have never been that close with her but this trip we have to share a bed. I woke up several times to her using my arm as a pillow or trying to nessle herself into my hair. She’s really sweet and just needs some reassurance in her life so I help the best I can. 

I have lately been asking questions about Baja to my aunt. For example, “why does every house look like a castle with a wall?” She told me that there are three reasons. One being because the wind, two because people like their privacy, three, security and tradition reasons. Thinking about it made me realize that all of these were complete valid reasons. Mexico is a place where rules are more or less disregarded. However my uncle who is a native here actually married my aunt who is what the locals would call a “gringa”. Because of this he gets pulled over by police, or the federales as you would call them in Mexico, a lot. When you get pulled over by a federale in Mexico you have one of two options: pay a bribe or give them your license. My uncle will tell them what they are doing is wrong in fact he shared this story with us:

One day my aunt and uncle were leaving Baja to visit California and as usual they got pulled over by a federale. The federale marked him for a law he did not break. And refused to pay the bribe so the federale asked for his drivers license to which he replied:

“No, your not going to give it back.”

“You broke the law.” 

“Which one?”


“I won’t pay you a bribe.” 

“Then I will call a tow truck.”

“Okay, I won’t be here when it arrives.” 

By this time the federale is so aggravated that he went back to his truck and my uncle began to drive away and the federale chased him. It didn’t last long because the federale gave up quite easily.

This story brought to light what corruption there can be in a federal institution. Some of my friends are Trump supporters and they argue that they support him because of his proposed immigration policy. Looking at what it takes to get a legal visa sounds near impossible and seeing what life is like here made me realize why so many people migrate to the U.S. illegally. They want out. 

This goes back to those walls. The walls define a strict line between the people and their government. Beyond the walls of ones house, no one knows what goes on, only the home owners. 

This new information intrigues me and I hope to absorb as much as I can during this short visit. Adios for now! 


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