Baja Christmas Day 

I don’t really celebrate Christmas anymore. No it’s not because it’s a religious holiday and I’m not particularly religious, I just don’t really like it. Listening to the same fifty Christmas songs on the radio really puts me out of the mood. I also tend to get disappointed a lot during Christmas. For example, one year I asked for a kitten and I got a fake cat that would meow and purr. It really freaked me out. Lately I have been getting a ton of blankets for Christmas. 

Because I’m getting older and my perspective of the world is changing I feel torn between the yearning of wanting materialistic items and trying to become less materialistic. I have this idea that rent is too expensive in California so I should buy a van and convert it into a livable space which would mean considerable downsizing such as getting rid of the 50 blankets I don’t use. I have decided somewhat of a plan come the time where I have to fly out of the nest. I want to have a yard sale and see how far that gets me and then give the rest to goodwill. I don’t know where I will be living when I fly away, all I know is I’ve been ready to leave since I was nine. 

Today was not like most Christmas mornings I’ve had. I got things that I really didn’t need but when I opened my last gift I was kind of shock. The day precious to Christmas my aunt was looking through her andaras and I honestly just thought they were colored glass. She had them arranged and wanted to share them with her family. They weren’t paying attention so I decided to look over them with her. For those who don’t know what andara crystals are they are colored crystals that are beloved to have certain energy fields that can affect your energy fields. They are believed to hold a higher density in energy that can help your energy depending on the crystal. Very hippy, I know. The strange part was I knew how much these meant to my aunt and the fact that she gave me two of them meant a lot. She gave me one that gives of a high energy to uplift you and the other one is to ground you. I was really happy about this because I knew how much they meant to her. 

Christmas here was easy because I didn’t have to pretend to be religious like I do at home. Here I could hold my own beliefs and that was nice for a change. 

ATV adventures

My cousin Callie and I rode the ATV on a small adventure. We reached far into the foothill depths and found nothing but desert like conditions. I find that the terrain makes me a bit unsettled. The only thing that is green are the cactus and they look like they are trying to murder you. There are jumping cactus that will fling their stickers on to you if you get to close. The stickers I speak of aren’t your su to day, pick out of the cats fur stickers either. These are practically dagger that can puncture an inch of leather easily. The farther we tracked into the mountains the more I wanted to turn around. The opposite feeling occurred when we went to the sea. I felt more safe and comforted in seeing the cool blue water rather than the dry cactus waste lands.

I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas, happy new year, whatever you celebrate, I hope your day was as filled with as much adventure as mine.  


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