Baja day 6

Today was much like the rest of the days. Laid around, rode the ATV, ate lots of candy. There’s not much to report for this being basically our last day. I’ve learned a lot during this trip, mostly that my Spanish needs some work, but also to expect an hour wait at restaurants. 

In the US something called a kinder egg is illegal. A kinder egg is simply a chocolate egg with a toy inside. We got a ton of those along with the testing of lots of new candies. Some were awful, others were okay, and some were great. 

This trip was great because it was an opportunity to both explore other cultural customs but I also grew closer with my family. I’m considered the hippy kid of the family and I finally learned where I got it from. Today my aunt and cousin made me an essential oil bottle to take home. One is supposed to be uplifting and the other is supposed to help with respiration. 

This trip made me realize how much I need to downsize, specifically on my materialistic items. When I was younger I would always ask myself what three things I would take if there was a fire and I could never decide, I still can’t, but I know I can downsize. Callie and I rode down to a beach the other day and saw a camper van that was my dream van. She supported my crazy idea of living in a van completely. Either way I need to get rid of a ton of stuff before I move out this coming June. I have no idea what I’m doing but I do know time is running out to make a plan. 

Above all else, this trip gave me clarity. All this time I thought I needed endless relaxation and to spend a week doing nothing and so I did. After the first couple days I was sick of it. I was staring at my phone way too much and not doing anything, I wanted so badly to do something. I started to draw and write and coaxed Callie on going on more adventures. Perhaps I’m not as lazy as I thought. When put in an environment of complete relaxation I grew bored, I started looking for things to do like cleaning the dishes or looking through seashells. I feel like I have a clear picture of what I want/need todo. 7All that’s left is setting that plan in motion.


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