The rain trickles down into the parched earth and up arises the smell of freshly damp soil and pine needles. The cold droplets hit you but feel refreshing on your warm skin. Cloths begin to stick to you until you have to eventually peel them off.

The sight of lightning then the clap of thunder quickens your heart but in the most exciting ways. The rain makes various noises while hitting different surfaces. Suddenly the showers fade and the sent of fresh earth is left. Suddenly your lungs take in the fresh air and the water droplets on every surface look like small diamonds that glitter beautiful in the sun that has now come out from behind the thunder clouds. 

The sun descends into its nesting place in the mountains and the moon begins to arise. A small rainbow appears in the distance. It’s colors dazzling in the setting sun. The air feels warm but renewed. Each breath inhaled is a pleasure just as the gold sheet that is laid across the land is a sight taht begs for the attention of its inhabitants.

This golden sheet bounces off the small water droplets that now glitter gold. The tread catch the ever fading light and seem delighted as the frogs who begin to croak their evening song. The gold is washed way into pink and the surroundings seem picturesque. Pink fades to purple then blue and the moon begins its journey across the sky alongside the twinkling stars. It’s as if the water droplets had been stolen from earth and placed in the sky. Your souls feels filled with happiness. Stress no longer exists only the powerful feelings between you and nature. This is the feeling of home.  


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