The complex meaning of love


The following is a complete BS college essay but I ended up liking it.

Some believe in this nearly undefinable term, others refuse to accept it. Philosophers, writers, artists and people around the world have marveled at this term, this idea, this mystery. Some would say love is just a frequency of energy shared between two people, Dr. Suess would define it as a mutually shared weirdness, and others say it’s the chemistry of hormones. All of which aren’t wrong but wouldn’t agreeably be accurate. The definition varies among each individual just as the meaning of life would vary. There is no one simple answer to one of life’s true mysteries. Trying to explain love to someone who has never experienced it is like trying to explain color to a color blind person. How does someone simply define a color?

An explanation of love could be simply wandering the earth seeing shades of grey until suddenly one day two souls pass coincidentally and suddenly the world is filled with color. A vibrace nearly incomprehensible. Every high feels like soaring and every low feels like a cold, relentless wind that can tear a person apart piece by piece. Why does some love last and some doesn’t? If people are taught, from a young age, that one day they will fall in love then they will forever hold the expectation of love. The first person to come across with promising characteristics and share a common connection through interests can be easily mistaken for a soulmate. When every sign pointed to the answer of no they held on simply because they were terrified to let go of something they invested in even when, inevitably, it wasn’t meant to be. So the question remains: can we trust ourselves to find the true definition of love or will we be mistaken?

So most colleges dont like it when kids write about relaionships because they tend to ramble on about an emotinal break up however I didn’t write about a specific relationship and the essay was on a topic of my choice. Since I’m too busy to write blog posts becuase finals are coming up, this is what I could manage. Not even sorry.


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