The Media 

I talk about this as if it’s a single entity. I know it’s not but I try to look at as a whole to make things easier.

I have a love hate relationship with the media. When I say media I mean social media, news media, etc. It is a force to be reckoned with. I think that it has its positives but also negatives and then this weird grey area of just straight controversial.

Why I love the media:

It is a place that can provoke awareness on ground breaking things or foundations, charities and what not. It has an ability to move people and is a true art form. Not only that but you can express yourself through social media. For example WordPress is a great place to do that as well  as Instagram, twitter, snapchat. I rely on it as a place where I can express myself in depth because the facisnating idea of venting to strangers that really have no connection to you is exciting. It’s a way to make connections and even network. It’s also a resource to gather information, in my case, information on van conversions, job prospects, and all around entertainment. In short, I think it’s great but it definitely has its dark side.

Why I hate the media:

Media is a frenzy for people to get attention either through corporations or just individuals. This isn’t a problem except that it leaves people with a skewed perspective of reality. People like to see happy things and want to be happy, it’s a basic human desire so content is usually aimed on how much fun people are having and how great their lives are. It makes viewers believe that if you aren’t happy 24/7 then there is something detrimentally wrong with you. If everything is being projected as happy go lucky times forever then people are going to question their sadness. 

Sadness is apart of life, if there wasn’t sadness then we wouldn’t know happiness. You can’t see and understand something when there is a contrast to it. It sucks, I know but it’s reality. Media tries to sell you something different, this fabricated lie that can leave you worse off than you were before. Along with this unrealistic idea of what your life is supposed to look like there is also preconceived ideas of what people are supposed to look like in order to be happy.

The idea that women have to wear makeup and have toned bodies is something that has bothered me always. Don’t get me wrong, I believe makeup is an art form truly; however, when I noticed my friend question her self esteem because she didn’t have makeup, it was a wake up call. I grew up with a single dad so I’ve never been a super girly girl yet I still feel pressured by media to conform into media’s idea of “perfection” which is not only blown out of proportion but also changes every other week. The same stands for men’s standards. Toned bodies is a must in order to be successful in life. I do believe that this media craze tends to affect women more than men from my own personal experience.

I like to read my horoscope on Cosmopolitan and sometimes I’ll catch glimpses of their articles and it usually has to do with the latest beauty trend or how to get abs in five minutes. Then the next day they will have an article on how women should embrace their bodies and be more accepting. I think it’s a mixed message to say the least especially to younger generations but also just kind of weird to contradict themselves (as if I don’t do the same thing). 

The real point I’m trying to reach is that lately I have been gloomy. This happens, it’s normal. If you have a shitty week chances are you won’t really be too happy about it. So when I look at youtubers or friends on Instagram who are happy in all of their videos or posts, I remind myself, people are human and have bad days, they aren’t happy all the time and you aren’t alone. 

There’s my rant on the media. Lately I have had no shortage of things to talk about on the blog and I’m loving it, I wish life would go for an upswing but I guess I’ll have to wait.
Side note* 

To the guy who gave my friends and I the umbrella at the yogurt shop cause it was raining and we were waiting for free yogurt, thank you, it was greatly appreciated. 


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